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Sarah Peel

Sarah Peel


Hi there! I'm, Sarah, Founder of Niche Up Digital Marketing. For over 20 years I've worked with start-ups and other big dreamers in the business and charitable sector.

As a copywriter, graphic designer, and business strategist, I've written millions of words, worked on 15 websites from scratch, 27 social media accounts, and of course, oodles of ad campaigns of my own or my employers'. I know how to learn new platforms and pivot when the algorithm changes, and I dream about funnel sequences (no joke!)


Got hesitations about Ads because you don't want to seem sales-y, or you've heard it might break the bank? Don't worry, I hear you, see you, and make a point of operating in integrity, economy, and in a way where relationships and value is what leads to sales.

Getting eyeballs on content that turn to clicks, that then turn to purchases, is a major pain point of business owners. Increasingly, we've got to pay to play -- and the rules of the game are always changing.


This is why I trained with, and get continuous mentoring, from the best in online advertising and social media for business, Sarah Mae Ives, Emily Hirsh, Kwadwo at the Art of Online Business, Mint CRO,  Kaity Griffin, Elise Darma and Strong Brand Social -- so that I can bring my clients the VISIBILITY and ROI they deserve through digital adversing that actually works (and mega plus -- leveraging your great organic content with ads helps you be in your area of Genius without burning out!)

I also use my skills as a former high school teacher on a daily basis. So many of my clients don't just need a consultant, or someone to take work off their plate, they need a COACH, a COLLABORATOR and sometimes even a GUIDE. When that clicked for me, I knew I had to create service options such as our 1:1 Tech Support Calls and the upcoming Relaxed Genius Entrepreneur group program.

Screen Shot 2024-04-15 at 4.41.22 PM.png

Got a niche? Your ideal customers are out there, trust me!

Let my team work the art and science of great social and search advertising. We know how to optimize ads so your people see them and click! We also work with the content you already have, "jooge" it up with strategic new content, and then create the alchemy of an ads funnel that doesn't FEEL sales-y at all.


Got dream clients in a local market? We can harness the power of the mighty search engine with a Google Ads campaign tailored to your specific industry.


My team is continuously researching and testing what works for ads, so our hive mind will keep you agile when the algorithm changes.


Add that to over 20 years experience in copywriting and graphic design for websites and social media . . . you're definitely in the right place to up level your digital ROI.

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